Each month we are excited to bring you marketing ideas to implement in your pharmacy. These ideas are low cost, and easy to add to your overall market strategy.

June is Pride month - Sell a basket of rainbow flags so your customers can show their allyship. If your town has a Pride Festival, you can sponsor a tent with LGBTQ+ health resources to connect with your community on a more personal level.
What does a monk take for heartburn? Ommmeprazole! DIY a Dad-Joke chalkboard in honor of Father's Day to give customers a laugh. Display it near a section of OTCs or pamphlets that target men's issues (ED, family planning, heart disease, etc.) as an additional call out to June being Men's Health Month.
Offer a discount to customers who leave a Google review of your pharmacy! Google reviews are a hugely important factor in SEO. Positive reviews can increase your pharmacy's visibility and help you attract new customers!
Last summer was the hottest on record, trends indicate this summer will be sweltering, too. Keep your patrons protected from the sun by adding extra signage pointing them to the sun protection aisle - stock up on sunscreen, aloe vera, hats, etc. Add custom aisle tags with staff recommendations based on their preferences and skin type.