Jacob Paskes


Joel Mittelman


Avraham (Avi) Yacobi


Avi Maidenberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike J.

Chief Recruiter and Team Development Officer

Marsha H. Johnson

National Director of Sales

Laura Towns

Director of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing

David Sosowsky

Director of Business Operations, Special Projects

Sam Lebovits

Financial Controller

Amit Rahman

Director of Systems and Facilities 

Manny Greenes

Data & Analytics Manager

Jason Chung  

Director of Compliance

Sruly Rottenberg

Warehouse Manager

Mark Snyder

Procurement Manager

Patricia Vena

Accounts Receivable Manager

Joselito Pabon

Warehouse Shipping Supervisor

Tania Gitlin

Accounts Payable Manager

Naftali Greenzweig  

Receiving and Inventory Manager

Jaime Goldschmidt

Accounts Payable Associate Manager

Jennifer Galeski 

HR Coordinator

Joyce Asante

Accounts Receivable Credit Specialist

Aaron Schools

Pricing Coordinator

Haley Smith

Procurement Coordinator

Maryanne Myers

Accounts Receivable Associate

Filipe Barros  

Graphic Design & Web Development Specialist

Loveday Trumbull

Marketing Associate

Kyle Giuliano 

IT Coordinator

Carol Zawodniak

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Jennifer Ballo 

CSR, Office Administrator 

Gloria Menefield

Customer Service Representative

Azra Smajlagic

Customer Service Representative

Sheikh Mujeeb

ERP Technology and Integration Specialist

Esther Petersen 

Administrative Assistant


Ryan Sweeney

Business Development Director - Corporate Accounts

William Hall

Sales Development Manager

Marwa Abouzaid

National Account Manager

Ismira Alesevic

National Account Manager

Nate Baker

National Account Manager

Ross Beauchamp

National Account Manager & Training Specialist

Morris Betesh

National Account Manager

Austin Graham

National Account Manager

Mitchell Martin

Corporate Account Manager

Ricardo Martinez

National Account Manager

Marjan Naumceski

National Account Manager

Crystal Payne 

National Account Manager

Justin Postupack 

National Account Manager

Sean Scognamiglio

National Account Manager

Gabe Steele

National Account Manager

Lisa Champion    

National Account Associate

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